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Active Tray
Active Tray is a versatile tray launcher and hotkey manager, greatly increasing your productivity. Imagine being able to access your favorite programs, documents, folders, URLs, and many other PC-related tasks with just one click!
Note that Active Tray is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own tray icons and multiple-item, cascading pop-up menus.
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Latest version: 2.2
File size: 1.30 MB
Interface: English  (more...)

Windows All
Free trial period: 21 days
Cost: $24.95 USD
Active Tray enables quick navigation through your files, folders, and programs, and allows you to add many significant timesavers to your system tray. It is much more than just a tray launcher and hotkey manager; a variety of the program's great features, combined with a friendly interface, make Active Tray an invaluable assistant for your everyday work.

Features and Benefits
  • Add any elements to your Windows system tray: programs, documents, folders, internet links, special actions, and more.
  • Create an unlimited number of tray icons and organize your Active Tray items into cascading menus.
  • Access everything you want with one mouse click or one key press (by specifying and using global hotkeys).
  • An ability to run several programs, documents, and any other elements with one click.
  • Drag-and-drop support to simplify the inclusion of programs, documents, and any other elements to your Active Tray configuration.
  • Security option for the locking of settings by using a password.
  • Friendly, easy-to-use, and multilingual user interface.

  • Reviewer and User Testimonials
  • Brigitte Lord, Ottawa PC Users' Group newsletter editor and webmaster:
    "...It is a very nice and handy product. Thank you for letting me review (enjoy) this product."

  • David Gewirtz, ZATZ: Pure Internet Publishing:
    "It's very clean and looks like a nicely constructed piece of software."

  • Mark Montonara, User of Active Tray:
    "I find that your program fills a needed 'gap' in the Windows environmental functionality. Great job!"
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