What is Active Tray?

Active Tray is a powerful but easy-to-use utility, providing you with a variety of possibilities for configuring your Windows system tray. This enables significant time-savings to be made when searching for a particular program, document, folder, internet link, or any other accessible object.

Imagine being able to create your own tray icons as well as cascading popup menus containing your most important tasks. Everything you include in your Active Tray configuration can then be accessed by one mouse click or one key press! Use Active Tray to increase the efficiency of your work!

Active Tray includes such features as drag-and-drop support for easy addition of different elements, hotkey support for accessing programs with one key press, a range of actions for automating some operations, different styles for cascading menus, and a number of other options, all of which make the program a powerful, versatile, and indispensable tool for your everyday work.

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