Program Settings Section: General

The following is a description of the options contained in the General settings subsection.

Confirm Items Deletion
Specifies whether to request  confirmation before the removal of an item from the configuration list.

Confirm Program Closing
Specifies whether to request  confirmation before exiting Active Tray.

Use Balloon Tips in Tray for Messages
Specifies whether to display balloon tray tips for some messages. This feature only works for Windows ME, 2000, XP, and later.

Show Tips at Startup
Specifies whether to display the Tip of the Day window at Active Tray startup.

Show Splash Screen
Specifies whether to display a splash screen at Active Tray startup.

Run at Windows Startup
Specifies whether to automatically run Active Tray at Windows startup.

Auto Hide Redundant Separators
If checked, Active Tray will hide any doubled separators in cascading menus and the system tray (when using the Multi Icon mode).